Server virtualization is not only transforming the data center, but also the businesses that those data centers fuel. However, these transformative results depend on enterprise storage to deliver the performance, availability, and flexibility to keep up with the dynamic and consolidated nature of virtualized server environments.

The next generation of federated Tier 1 storage, HP 3PAR Utility Storage delivers 100% of the agility and efficiency demanded by virtual data centers and cloud computing environments as part of an HP Converged Infrastructure. It does this through an innovative system architecture that offers storage federation, secure multi-tenancy, built-in thin processing capabilities, and autonomic management and storage tiering features that are unique in the industry.

And to support a converged infrastructure by providing the SAN performance, scalability, and availability that clients need to transform the data center.

» 3PAR Storage Systems

Four models deliver simplicity and agility to enterprise and cloud data centers.

» T-Class Systems

» F-Class Systems

» 3PAR Storage Systems

Autonomic provisioning, tiering, and management.

» Device Management Software

» Replication Software

» 3PAR Utility Storage

The next generation of Tier 1 storage.

3PAR Technologies

Overcome inflexibility and high cost of IT sprawl.

» Autonomic Storage

» Thin Technologies

» Green Storage

» 3PAR Programs

Build a next-generation data center.

» HP CloudAgile

» Get Thin Guarantee

» Carbon Neutral Storage


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