Today, with the continuous development of Technology, Information has gradually become an important asset and resource of the Organizations. Networking System has become an indispensable lifeline of every business. However, the problem that optimizes the performance of WAN when the applications are running is not a small challenge, they are no longer set up only at a fixed location such as a data center or headquarter, but they are designed as a “Hub-and-Spoke” or Star Topology Diagram. Therefore, the applications are tending to base on the Cloud Computing Technology, nowadays switching to providing web-based services. This leads to a conflict with traditional security principle, when all connection is monitored through a central security gateway before connecting to the application on the web.

Obviously this is not an optimal way to use bandwidth. As companies need to pay a considerable monthly fee for a MPLS link with the high demand for speed, stable, quality of service…..which serves only one purpose: simple internet connection. A more realistic method is to ensure connecting to the internet or services on the Web with the bandwidth required by users, supporting many options to connect WAN in reality, while maintaining security policy is the solution that need to be considered. Hybrid solution (WAN Hybrid), compatible with many physical WAN connection method combined with software to optimize WAN logic connection (SD WAN: Software-Defined WAN) for businesses / companies to be developed for this purpose.


1. How does SD-WAN work?

Applications with high reliability, including good quality of service require many bandwidth that rely on wide area network SD – WAN. Thereby some of fundemantal business applications are supported with security as well such as server, computer, VoIP platform, ERP and CRM Systems, other clouds….

For the traditional method, the only way to solve the constraints with WAN and fully respond the business requirements is upgraded network bandwidth. However, this way is still limited on cost, and that do not focus on protecting critical applications, or announcing any new features that have been upgraded in applications, additional data, which placed in public and private clouds.

The introduction of SD – WAN technology allows to create a hybrid WAN architecture that connects multiple MPLS lines, provides the function of program automation, applications and other network conditions. In addition, the technology also performs the task of filtering, detail categorizing which applications are the best and give absolute priority to important applications in order to ensure the best operation. As an alternative to the next generation of WAN, SD – WAN technologies solve the branch and application infrastructure requirements.

2. Required characteristics

Research firm Gartner has defined an SD-WAN as having four required characteristics:

  • The ability to support multiple connection types, such as MPLS, frame relay and higher capacity LTE wireless communications.
  • The ability to do dynamic path selection, for load sharing and resiliency purposes.
  • Nice and simple interface that is easy to configure and manage.
  • The ability to support VPN and third party services such as WAN optimization controllers, firewall and WEB gateway.


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