Axway Mailgate security is one of the comprehensive, effective, and easy-to-use solutions for filtering both inbound and outbound emails. With smart anti-spam at the edge and leading virus filtering technology, Mailgate can protect email system from virus attacks, botnets, spams, or Denial-of-Service attacks for multinational enterprises or corporations with hundreds of thousands of users. Mailgate helps to eliminate up to 90% of unwanted emails before they enter corporate email infrastructure and prevents types of “accidents” or even deliberate data leakage that could cause adverse effects on personal reputation or intellectual property regulations.

Axway Mailgate, with its optional Axway DropZone, provides a comprehensive protection solution for inbound and outbound emails, or, in other words, delivers on-premises content (content is placed on dropzone and encrypted, data is not required to be sent to the receiver’s mailbox, avoiding data leakage on the transmission line). The effective combination of network layer attack prevention, content filtering policy, data encryption automation, and service sharing forms a general solution, making it easier for administrators, reducing infrastructure costs, etc.

Mailgate DropZone supports layered security requiring no change to infrastructures of applications, protocols, or workflows of users. Its flexible deployment allows to choose from several levels of protection for inbound and outbound emails, including data encryption, service sharing, or to add on-demand security policies.

Axway MailGate provides end-to-end data leak prevention through content filtering configuration and intuitive policy control to easily enforce rules around content, users, receivers and attachments, while the policy set also allows to prevent rerouting to decrypt the encrypted information. Mailgate brings users with a simple webmail interface with checkboxes capable of filtering content such as insurance card information, credit card information, and other confidential information such as IP addresses, etc.

Axway Mailgate includes all the best modules and components to together work in simultaneous protection of email system. Architecture and main components that form the MailGate are shown in the figure below:

– Prevention of viruses and attachments, removal of malicious codes on files.

– Zero-hour protection of the system from spam or new virus attacks.

– Prevention of data leakage through content filtering policy and automatic detection of over 300 types of attachments.

– Intelligent Edge Defense technology.

– In-depth content filtering with intuitive policies in compliance with industry and international standards.

– Multi-layer email spam filter, filtering over 99.9% and having the lowest error of “wrong catch”.

– Protection against phishing emails.

– Anti-virus plus detection and removal of malicious codes inserted on files.

– Comprehensive email tracking and reporting.

– Flexible and scalable architecture.

Augmented Email for payload encryption and multiple delivery capabilities
Augmented Email for payload encryption and multiple delivery capabilities

By using MailGate, it is easy to manage and protect the email system while monitor in real time. Axway MailGate provides not only a high quality-price ratio but also a set of policy rules enabling administrators to quickly implement policies that match the new business model of their enterprises, which will save costs in the future when the numbers of users in such enterprises are sharply increased. MailGate offers the following benefits:

– The visibility of inbound spams by global monitoring of attachments and real-time notification of active MailGate groups around the world will be increased.

– Robust policy tools are proven and highly flexible.

– Security infrastructure will be strengthened with enterprise-friendly policy tools, for example: SecureMessenger, etc.

– The need to support and manage data and file exchange will be minimized.

– Real-time protection from different variations of spam.

– Powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use tools for tracking emails and managing defined groups or administrator-defined policies.

Centralized MailGate dashboard
Centralized MailGate dashboard
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