Rapid7 is a leading provider of vulnerability management and penetration testing solutions. Rapid7 delivers two product lines, Nexpose and Metasploit, which are combined to provide accurate information about vulnerabilities, risks, insecurity risks, as well as the level of compliance with enterprise security policies.

Combination of Rapid7 Nexpose and Metasploit provides a comprehensive solution to cybersecurity risks.

  • Rapid7 Nexpose is a scanning product that detects, manages, and offers solutions to fix vulnerabilities.
  • Rapid7 Metasploit is a product that tests the impact level when vulnerabilities are exploited, produces test reports, and reviews vulnerabilities that have been discovered.

Rapid7’s comprehensive solution to vulnerabilities is the combination of these two product lines

Rapid7 Nexpose® Enterprise is a comprehensive security solution to cyclic vulnerability management of IT systems. Nexpose Enterprise can discover, detect, verify, classify risks and produce reports analyzing the impact of those risks when attacked. Designed for organizations with large network system, multiple services, multiple application layers, and complex network models, Nexpose is deployed to help those organizations improve their security from risks of unsafety from vulnerabilities.

  • Identify all vulnerabilities: Nexpose can scan all resources in the network system to detect vulnerabilities. Nexpose has the largest vulnerability database with more than 85,000 methods of testing for 28,000 vulnerabilities of all resources in the network from physical devices to virtualization, operating system, database, and web applications. Using Nexpose will help your organizations clearly identify potential risks to the IT environment. In addition, Nexpose can discover physical resources, virtualize groups, and group resources based on level of risk.

– Accurate understanding of the real risk of the network: Nexpose can score the level of risk for resources. This scoring-based classification of risk helps the administrators know which resource actually has the highest level of risk. Nexpose scores the level of risk of a network resource based on the number, severity, types of attacks, or malicious codes that can infect through vulnerabilities of that resource.

– Make better security decisions based on understanding of risks: The combination of Nexpose’s vulnerability management abilities and Metasploit’s feature to confirm the impact of vulnerabilities. In combination with the exploitation tool, Metasploit’s reassessment of vulnerabilities gives administrators a deeper insight into the security risks of network systems.

Metasploit Penetration Testing

  • In cooperation of the open source community and Rapid7, Metasploit helps IT professionals identify security problems and re-verify vulnerabilities. This provides accurate information about security risks, helping to prevent data loss.
  • Ability to exploit smart vulnerabilities, re-examine passwords, scan web applications and social engineering. IT professionals can collaborate in Metasploit, present their findings based on the principles of exploitation, and report the vulnerabilities.
  • Metasploit are available from free versions to versions for enterprises, all of which are based on Metasploit Framework platform, which is an open source software with the largest database of vulnerabilities.

  • Prevent data breached:

Metasploit helps the administrators improve their ability of enterprise to manage vulnerabilities, identify and determine types of attacks that can affect these vulnerabilities.

  • Set priority for vulnerabilities:

Metasploit helps improve the security performance of your enterprises, as Metasploit gives priority to vulnerabilities by its vulnerability scanner. Metasploit integrates with databases from Nexpose software, combines and reassesses all system vulnerabilities detected by Nexpose. Metasploit is a concrete demonstration of the impact when vulnerabilities are exploited.

Combined with vulnerability scanning software, Nexpose allows full reports on the status, priority of vulnerabilities, and the impact when such vulnerability is exploited.

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